Bangalore, India Vacations

Bangalore is a modern city that draws visitors all over the world to this unique playground full of historical sights, parks, and gardens and many other attractions to keep the family busy while embracing this remarkable city.

For nature lovers Bangalore has one of the most impressive botanical gardens around, Lalbagh Gardens. In 1760, Haider Ali designed this amazing garden while his son Tipu Sultan planted trees and plants from all over the world to create this beautiful botanical garden. In the beginning, the Lalbagh was home to several red roses, but has grown into a vast collection of sub-tropical, tropical, and medicinal plants from around the world. The glass house is the major attraction which is made to resemble the London Crystal Palace with the rose garden coming in a close second where there are over 150 varieties of roses.

If you love old palaces, then a visit to Tipu’s Summer Palace has to be on your itinerary. Haidar Ali began the construction of this stunning palace; however, it was not completed until 1789 by Tipu Sultan. The unique 2-story palace is made entirely of wood with the interior being painted in bright colors and carvings that will have you examining the beauty for quite awhile.

The government Museum in Bangalore is one of the oldest in India which opened in 1886. The museum is home to 18 galleries which houses finds from the Indus valley, Chandarvalli excavations, jewelry, textiles, miniature paintings, and coins.

If you do not mind traveling just a tad outside of Bangalore you can visit the Bannerghatta National Park. The Bannerghatta National Park was opened in 1974 and covers an area of 874 sq km. The scenery is breathtaking dotted with rolling hills, rivers, and magnificent gorges. Some of the habitants you may catch a glimpse of include leopards, tigers, four horned antelope, sloth bear, elephant, mouse deer, flying squirrel, mugger, monitor lizard, jungle fowl, bush quail, spoonbill, teal, coot, and woodpeckers.

If you love water sports then Hesaraghatta Lake will be your favorite spot with over 1,000 acres providing sailing as the most popular activity.

Bangalore has many wonderful attractions and things to do that the entire family are sure to love. Bangalore is home to many accommodations from bed & breakfast to exclusive hotels and more. No matter what type of accommodation you desire you will find the perfect place to stay close by all the fun things your family wishes to include on their vacation.

Not only will you find the perfect place to stay, but your palate will love trying the local cuisine at various restaurants around Bangalore. You can learn so much about the culture and the history of the people of India by visiting many of the historical sights and talking with the locals.


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