Bangalore, India Vacations

Bangalore is a modern city that draws visitors all over the world to this unique playground full of historical sights, parks, and gardens and many other attractions to keep the family busy while embracing this remarkable city.

For nature lovers Bangalore has one of the most impressive botanical gardens around, Lalbagh Gardens. In 1760, Haider Ali designed this amazing garden while his son Tipu Sultan planted trees and plants from all over the world to create this beautiful botanical garden. In the beginning, the Lalbagh was home to several red roses, but has grown into a vast collection of sub-tropical, tropical, and medicinal plants from around the world. The glass house is the major attraction which is made to resemble the London Crystal Palace with the rose garden coming in a close second where there are over 150 varieties of roses.

If you love old palaces, then a visit to Tipu’s Summer Palace has to be on your itinerary. Haidar Ali began the construction of this stunning palace; however, it was not completed until 1789 by Tipu Sultan. The unique 2-story palace is made entirely of wood with the interior being painted in bright colors and carvings that will have you examining the beauty for quite awhile.

The government Museum in Bangalore is one of the oldest in India which opened in 1886. The museum is home to 18 galleries which houses finds from the Indus valley, Chandarvalli excavations, jewelry, textiles, miniature paintings, and coins.

If you do not mind traveling just a tad outside of Bangalore you can visit the Bannerghatta National Park. The Bannerghatta National Park was opened in 1974 and covers an area of 874 sq km. The scenery is breathtaking dotted with rolling hills, rivers, and magnificent gorges. Some of the habitants you may catch a glimpse of include leopards, tigers, four horned antelope, sloth bear, elephant, mouse deer, flying squirrel, mugger, monitor lizard, jungle fowl, bush quail, spoonbill, teal, coot, and woodpeckers.

If you love water sports then Hesaraghatta Lake will be your favorite spot with over 1,000 acres providing sailing as the most popular activity.

Bangalore has many wonderful attractions and things to do that the entire family are sure to love. Bangalore is home to many accommodations from bed & breakfast to exclusive hotels and more. No matter what type of accommodation you desire you will find the perfect place to stay close by all the fun things your family wishes to include on their vacation.

Not only will you find the perfect place to stay, but your palate will love trying the local cuisine at various restaurants around Bangalore. You can learn so much about the culture and the history of the people of India by visiting many of the historical sights and talking with the locals.


Expat Pubs in Milan

Walking into Pogue Mahone’s is like finding a small piece of Ireland in the centre of Milan. It’s not your typical Italian wannabe Irish pub where the d├ęcor is pretentious and the atmosphere typically Milanese. Here people from all walks of life prop up the bar and drink pints often alongside a rowdy pub crowd – it’s the real McCoy. The first thing you’ll notice is how small it is, but there’s plenty of standing space with a few tables surrounded by picture-covered walls creating an authentic Irish atmosphere. Pogue’s is one of the few sport oriented pubs in Milan, showing live sport 7 days a week on 2 large TV screens, usually with English commentary. This is complemented by a large selection of beers ranging from Guinness to McEwans. On Sundays their equivalent of a full English breakfast is a brunch of sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, baked beans, mashed Potato and Prague roasted ham, particularly comforting for those who may feel home-sick.

A little further north, near the Duomo you may also want to consider The Football English Pub which offers you a warm welcoming atmosphere to enjoy an evening of sports entertainment with friends or family Sky sporting events: football, rugby and much more are shown while enjoying a choice of over 35 whiskeys or international beers. They transmit any football match scheduled during the day (for important events a reservation is recommended). Snacks are available anytime based on English breakfast or American style dessert, hamburgers, hotdogs or a variety Italian sandwiches.


The Austrian Charm

From Imperial splendor to serene ambience, you can perceive the transformation in the charms of Austria. The time spent in Austria makes you marvel at the capacity of humans to work hard and equally relax and enjoy cultural moorings. One of the most advanced economies in the world, Austria beacons you with its dizzy classical and modern music, enviable stage shows, trekking in Alpine heights, relaxing in the great lake sides and a hundred other never tiring variants to spend time effortlessly and profitably.

Vienna, Salzburg, Linz, Graz, Klagenfurt and Innsbruck are the large cities. Each is unique and has its own style of living, imparting silently the majesty of living proudly as well. In Austria you would miss the blatant nationalistic streak that could be discerned almost everywhere else. The political and geographical divisions in Austria have largely been reflecting regional outlook without of course sacrificing a cosmopolitan outlook. However, there is a complacent strength in the feeling of belonging to a narrow identity in terms of many aspects of culture. It is never flaunted and you understand the pervasive manifestation of that proud spirit.

A very great and judicious blend of the most sophisticated modern technology flourishes side by side with classical music in an average Austrian’s life and the tourist subtly imbibes that spirit. This not the merger of materialism and classicism but the skills of modern technology integrating with the musical notes of the highest order. And this spirit of easy transformation from hard work to great relaxation, mundane to spiritual, human to divine should be undergone rather than understood. This metamorphosis brings a new gait to our strides, a new vision to our sight and a new mission to our lives.

To move around Austria you have all types of transport system. There is no dearth of airways, railways, public bus transport or tourist vans either. Railways and roads are ideal preferences to airways because they give us the chance to view the panoramic natural settings while travelling. The scenic beauties of mere landscapes in the form of forest areas, lakes, waterways, ridges, mountain silhouettes and vast greens are breath-taking.

A holiday pleasure-trip to Austria, its varied splendors is a must in modern life. Or for that matter a business trip too will give you a different perspective because you will unconsciously be drawn into the beauty of nature as well. The trip will open our eyes to myriad nature of life and its finer values. We shall enjoy the charms of Austria to the brim.


Cherry Trees in Washington DC

If you are looking for the best place to view cherry trees in bloom, then head on up to the Washington DC area and take a look at all the blooming cherry trees in Washington, DC. There are at least 11 different varieties in and around the National Mall.

They include the Yoshino , Kwanzan , Akebono , Weeping Japanese , Takesimensis , Usuzumi , Autumn Flowering, Sargent , Fugenzo , Shirofugen and Okame . Each one has different blooms and flowers so we will be discussing them all and moving to different places in Washington DC to see each and every one.

The Yoshino Cherry reaches 50 feet at maturity, with white single petal blossoms that are almond scented. The Kwanzan Cherry is 30 feet that has double flowers with 30 petals and clear pink to faded pink. The Akebono Cherry reaches 50 feet at maturity and has a single blossom that a pale pink fading to white. Weeping Japanese Cherry is 40 feet high with a weeping crown and these differ in color, Pendula Rosea is deep pink flowers, Pendula Plena Rosea is double pink flowers, Pendula Alba is single white flowers. Rosey Cloud is double brink pink while Snowfozam is single white flowers. The Takesimensis is 40 feet and bears white flowers. The Usuzumi Cherry is 40 feet tall with single white flowers. Autumn Flowering Cherry has 30 feet and semi double pink flowers. The Sargent Cherry is 50 feet with deep pink flowers in single form. The Fugenzo Cherry is 20 feet high and has double rose pink flowers. The Shirofugen is 25 feet with white to pink double flowers. Okame is 25 feet with semi double pink flowers.

One other of note includes the Afterglow Cherry, which replaces the Akebono Cherry. There are many different places that these are planted in Washington DC. Most of them grow around the Tidal Basin, Haines Point and the Washington Monument grounds. In total for East Potomac Park, there are over 1,681 trees. The Tidal Basin area has over 1,678. The Washington Monument has 342 and there are 49 trees at other park sites. The tree count is as follows: East Potomac – 995 Yoshino Cherry, 414 Kwanzan Cherry, 190 Takesimensis Cherry, 60 Weeping Japanese Cherry, 9 Sargent Cherry, 6 Autumn Flowering Cherry, 3 Akebono Cherry, 2 Afterglow Cherry, 1 Shirofugen Cherry and 1 Okame Cherry.

For Tidal Basin there are 1405 Yoshino, 105 Akebono, 50 Usuzumi, 44 Kwanzan, 34 Weeping, 14 Fugenzo, 14 Autumn Blooming and 12 Sargent. For the Washington Monument there are 341 Yoshino and 1 Kwanzan. For other sites there are 22 Kwanzan, 21 Yoshino, 4 Akebono, 1 Autumn Flowering and 1 Cherry. This makes any spring trip to Washington DC a pleasure during the spring.


City Guide For Short Travel Trips to Beverly Hills – The World Class Retail District Awaits You

Believe it or not even the rich and famous of Malibu (the Bu), West Side Los Angeles and Hollywood have cut their retail shopping escapades. Everyone is cutting back their shopping purchases, even those who have what others might believe to be extraordinary wealth. In fact, the shops along Beverly Hills’ famous Rodeo Drive often do not sell enough high-end merchandise to even stay in business or turn a profit.

Still, those big glitzy brand names must keep their image up and operate those stores even at a loss. Some have posted dismal monthly results losing in excess of 30 to 40,000 dollars per month, just to be in the lime light and have a place in the World Famous shopping district. Tough times never last, but strong brand names will, is their feeling.

Why not take advantage of these big high-powered brand name retail outlets while merchandise is highly discounted? Ever want to own a $14,000 dress or a purse that costs $35,000? Well you might get that dress for $4,000 or that purse for under $10,000 right now. You can find all the wonderful outlets in the local give-away Beverly Hills City Guide at all the local hotels or on the corners of the Rodeo Drive Shopping District.

There are also so very nice full-color glamour magazines at local coffee shops and restaurants. Of course, if you are planning a trip to Beverly Hills, give yourself 2-3 full days of shopping, book your travel plans online and check out the wonderful city guides on the Internet. Beverly Hills needs you more than you think right now. It’s time to take advantage of their low prices and movie star status hospitality, while the getting is good! Think on this.