Jumper EZbook2 Review: A Combination of Beauty and Practicability

Different people differ from each other in aesthetic. Popular electronic products always succeed lining with the similar populace aesthetic. From the appearance point of view, the Jumper EZbook2 gives a strong sense of deja vu. Yes, it adopts many of the current popular fashion elements in the appearance design. This is a stylish model, and at the same time, full of technical sense. Next, let’s take a look at the specific performance of this model.

Features and Design

At the first glance, EZbook2 looks really thin. This is one of the advantages in the design of EZbook2, the new blade-like styling. In the field of notebooks, this styling is very rare. When there were no better solutions, drawing on the current fashion elements would no doubt greatly increase the product highlights. The thickest part of this model feels just like a blade. The bottom part is made of aluminum alloy material, with structural stability and full of tactile sensation. The all-metal shell coupled with anodizing process makes this tablet elegant. On the central of the top shell, there is an energy-saving backlight logo, full of technical sense.

For office entertainment products featuring the thin and light design, the screen is still the focus of attention. Jumper EZbook2 gets a 14.1-inch IPS HD screen with the resolution 1920 × 1080 pixels. In addition, the screen supports 180-degrees opening and closing, providing excellent viewing angle. Also, it comes with a full-size keyboard and a minimalist touchpad, looks pretty well. What should be reminded is that the touchpad is very large, very convenient for enlarging the photos and Web pages.

Hardware Configurations

In terms of the configuration, Jumper EZbook2 is based on the Intel 4-core processor Z8300, clocked at 1.84GHz. With the 4GB RAM and 64GB eMMC hard drive, the reaction rate is fairly good. In addition, the machine is built-in with a 10000mAh battery, which can last for about 5 to 8 hours, enough for daily entertainment and light office work.

Other features include the power input, USB3.0 interface, microphone interface, 3.5mm headphone jack, SD card slot, USB2.0 interface, MiniHDMI. The USB3.0 interface supports mobile hard disk, very practical. If necessary, you can expand the memory capacity via it.


Jumper EZbook2 gets a good-looking appearance design, set a number of fashion elements into one. Although Jumper EZbook2 may not be the most powerful in performance, the excellent hardware configurations are enough to meet the daily needs. If you are seeking for a combination of beauty and practicability, this model would be a very suitable choice for you.

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Beautiful and Elegant Watches

There are millions of different products manufactured every year in the UK. This is mainly because there is such a high demand for goods in the UK. The UK is situated in Western Europe and is certainly considered one of the richer parts of the world. People generally have money to spend on various items and watches are no exception. In fact, the sales of watches in the UK has grown enormously in the last few years as more and more people seek the latest fashion trends and crave beautiful and elegant watches.

There are quite a few reasons why people crave beautiful and elegant watches. The first reason is simple. Beauty and elegance are two of the nicest superlatives in the English dictionary and anything described as being beautiful or elegant is always snapped up immediately. This is partly because of the way these words are advertised on the products they represent but also just because they truly are special. Anything described in this way grabs hold of style and sophistication whilst still maintaining simplicity.

When these words are attached to an actual product, they bring the qualities out in the product they are representing. Watches are a great example. There are thousands of watches on the market all with their own unique differentiating features. However, when a person walks into a shop looking for a watch to buy, their attention is likely to go towards the most beautiful and the most elegant watches first.

There are many different beautiful and elegant watches that a person has to choose from. One brand that has a large selection of beautiful and elegant watches is Emporio Armani. Armani are known for their excellence in fashion and their sub-division – Emporio Armani – is no different when it comes to watches. All of the Emporio Armani watches in their range have their own look and feel about them and have various distinguishing features too that set them aside from other watches. Most importantly however is that all of the watches are as beautiful and as elegant as each other and customers choosing to buy a watch would certainly be very happy to purchase one of these.

Emporio Armani has some of the finest watches on the market but there are lots more watches available for customers to choose. What it comes down to is what each individual person perceives to be the most beautiful and the most elegant and then it is up to that individual to then buy the watch.

The author works for Ernest Jones and Emporio Armani watches can be found at Ernest Jones.

Emporio Armani at Ernest Jones.

Emporio Armani Watches at Ernest Jones.

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Celebrities and Fashion – Where Have All the Supermodels Gone?

There was a time when supermodels ruled the fashion world and it was absolutely impossible to think of a campaign that did not contain their beautiful but ubiquitous selves. Remember the time when the catwalks and fashion spreads that counted had people who are still remembered for all the shine they brought in. There are still quite a few supermodels these days. However it is becoming very evident that these days there are increasing numbers of other celebrities who are jostling with them for attention.

The fact is that young people these days take their fashion cues from a wide range of celebrities and not just supermodels. There are many celebrities who are not movie stars or models but they certainly set a lot of fashion trends as they contrive to be at the centre of attention whenever possible. These are many canny businesswomen who have translated their popularity into money with the help of clothing labels.

Most movie stars and recording artists have their own fashion labels these days precisely because people find them exceedingly attractive and want to emulate not just their dress sense but their overall aura of success and style. In fact, many of these labels make as much money for the celebrity as they get from their movies or music.

People these days are exceedingly choosy about what they wear and how they wish to project their image. Fashion advertising campaigns work very well when they address people’s aspirations. It is generally very easy to do this when the brand ambassador is a celebrity rather than just a supermodel. When a celebrity is featured in a campaign for a luxury brand, it appeals to people’s aspirations to become a talented and accomplished person and not just a gorgeous woman. It is therefore no surprise that fashion houses are getting film stars to feature in their ad campaigns.

There was a time when film stars did not want to be seen in ads and did so only in ads that would be aired in foreign markets. Most stars are eager to feature in ad campaigns because there is no longer anything embarrassing about doing so.

Considering that kids and teenagers too have lots of celebrities to look up, it is very clear that celebrities will continue to take the place that a gaggle of supermodels once occupied. In fact pre-teens and teenagers are avid fans of these celebrities because they make them feel grown up. Of course, there will always be need for fashion models for print and television ads and also for walking the ramp but the biggest ad campaigns will continue to go to celebrities. It is fairly clear these days that the age of supermodels has gone for good.

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“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”

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Your Hair Wig: Culture and Fashion Combine, find a Great Look for You, Luxury, Elegance, & Style

What people consider beauty in today’s society varies, of course, depending on personal taste. It can be anything from the most common, popular hairstyles to absolutely stunning appearances for elegant and even everyday occasions. It is certain, the seemingly slight transformation someone can make to alter his or her appearance, such as wearing a wig, can astonishingly change your looks overall.

It is amazing what a slight alteration in color, length, and perfectly designed hair wigs can do to alter and improve a person’s appearance. It is the perfect way to resolve the conflict today regarding the development of a personal style for you. A woman (or a man, for that matter) may find the solution to achieving the balance between her (or his) natural beauty and the socially constructed ideas of beauty — simply by buying a wig.

There are certain hairstyles that reflect culture, beauty and pride, there are also people who desire human hair wigs, African American hair wigs, synthetic wigs etc. There are some causes for hair wigs that are much more practical, more associated with general acceptance than vanity. These are human hair wigs, synthetic, horse hair or human African American hair wigs for people undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatments for cancer and other medical reasons.

For example:

1. For many people hair is part of an expression of his or her personal heritage:

o Tribal clothing, colorful clothing representing a person’s native culture, jewelry, and yes, even hair styles are very important to many people who are proud of their heritage.

2. Style and beauty:

o Many women want to keep up with modern hair styles. The full wigs that are available today come in short styles with, hi-lights or low-lights to enhance beauty.

o Long wigs are popular with many women of all cultural backgrounds.

o Often women with short hair will get extensions or clip-on accessories for their hair.

o There are many women who use small hairpieces for their already long hair. The luxuriousness this brings to her overall appearance can be markedly observed. Especially when hairstyles are lifted, twisted and put up for elegant occasions.

3. For example: Ebony wigs

o There are certain kinds of wigs that will drastically alter a woman’s overall look and enhance someone’s natural beauty.

Ebony wigs are one stunning example – pure black human hair wigs or African American hair wigs are actually incredibly impressive.

Depending on your complexion, of course, the beauty of a deep black wig will vary. However, I have seen many women who adore their strikingly ebony wigs.

Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for websites on gardening, parenting, fashion, and sports. Her background includes home decor and gardening. For more of her articles on the human hair wigs and other kinds of hair wigs, please visit Hair Wigs, or African American Hair Wigs.

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You Can Be Stylish and Beautiful and Wear Modest Clothing Through Color Analysis

Admittedly it is very difficult to find modest clothing in most clothing outlets. This has given rise to the modest clothing industry. However, whether you wear modest or immodest clothing if you do not choose the right colors for you, your clothes will detract from your natural beauty. Although you cannot experience a professional color analysis from an article, there are some general guidelines that you can follow to assure that you choose the right colors when you add to your wardrobe.

The leadership of Modest Clothing Distributors does not want you to think you need to look frumpy just because the mainstream fashion giants are bankrupt of modest ethics. You will be sure to find stylish, beautiful, modest clothing in the Modest Clothing Distributors store. To ensure that your natural beauty is highlighted you must wear clothing that matches your skin tone. The most accurate method to determine which colors correspond with your skin tone is through a professional color analysis. Nevertheless, there are guidelines you can follow to direct you to general color families that will enhance your skin tones.

If you were to submit to a full color analysis your skin tone would be classified as spring, summer, autumn, or winter. For the purposes of a general analysis these classifications can be broadened to warm (Spring and Autumn) and cool (Summer and Winter). Those who have a yellow skin tone would be categorized as a warm, while those with a pink skin tone fit into the cool category. For some it may not be readily apparent whether your skin color is yellow or pink. You can do a further analysis by considering your natural hair color. People with a warm or yellow skin tone usually have natural red highlights in their hair. Those who do not have natural red highlights in their hair usually have cool or pink skin tone.

Once you have determined whether you are warm or cool you need to know how to apply your newly acquired knowledge. Based on your skin tone you can now choose colors that will enhance your natural beauty and eliminate colors that will detract from your natural beauty. Just as a personal analysis will provide more specific classification for your skin tone it will furnish you with a more particular list of colors that will compliment your skin tone.

A “warm” should wear yellows, oranges, spring type greens, reds with an orange undertone, browns and tans and a “warm” should stay away from bold blues in both their wardrobe and makeup choices. A “cool” should wear pinks, blues, and rose, any green or red should have a blue undertone, and they should avoid bright yellows when picking out their clothing and makeup.

Until you can have a personal color analysis done this information can be helpful by making your modest clothes outshine the immodest clothing that is fashioning our whole society into ugliness. An understanding of how to heighten natural beauty through color analysis serves to compliment the true beauty that is within the modest women. This will further empower womanhood through modest dress!

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Our success will affect culture for the good. As you purchase modest clothing for yourself and your girls the culture around you will begin to notice the beauty of modesty. You now have a place where you can refer your friends for their wardrobe needs.

We are a family owned and operated business. We are very appreciative of your business. It is through your satisfaction with the products that we make available that we can accomplish our mission of transforming society. The idea for Modest Clothing Distributors was inspired by listening to our friends’ concerns about the lack of modest apparel in the stores. You can find this destination at http://www.modestclothingdistributors.com

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